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It's easy to say a quick prayer before dinner, but are we really engaged in our communication with God? Here are a few ideas to make prayer time engaging and fun at the table.



1. Prayer Rocks. Our family has a little dish of rocks on the table. They are just little rock from our walks and on them we write names of people that we want to pray for. We pick out a few rocks from the dish each night and pray for the people represented on the rock.

2. Thanksgiving Tree. Get a small branch from the backyard and stick it in a vase or container on your dinning table. Stick leave-shaped papers on it with things you are thankful for. This is great for the thanksgiving season, you can add to it each day and have a tree in full bloom by the month.


3. Candy Prayers. Have each person at the table pick a piece of candy without looking. Candy with different colors such as m&m's or skittles work well. Have each color represent the type of person they should pray for. For example if they pick yellow they pray for someone who is a teacher, if they pick red they pray for someone a church leader.

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